Final Edition of LEGO Club Junior Magazine!

Just a few weeks ago, we got some surprising news. We received our final edition of LEGO Club Junior Magazine!

Final Edition of LEGO Club Junior Magazine

Our regular LEGO Club Junior magazine was wrapped with an additional cover, shown above that states:

Final Edition!

Exciting changes are coming

The LEGO magazine is growing with you

Now, I suspect this is only for those, like us, whose child just turned 6 years old. This phases her out of the LEGO Club Junior age range (3-5) and into the regular LEGO Club magazine age (6-14). This means, you will probably get (or have probably gotten) a similar magazine wrapper when your kid turns/turned the big 6.

Can anyone confirm the same?


Final Edition of LEGO Club Junior Magazine

On the inside cover, there is a more detailed explanation of what is really going on. I bought into the sensationalism, until I read the inside and realized they were just moving her up to the other magazine.

Get ready for more LEGO fun than ever before!

For your next magazine, you’ll start receiving a bigger and better LEGO Magazine, packed full of the things you most like to see!

Then there’s a monkey with speech bubble who says:

Hey kids! LEGO Club Junior Magazine is ending… but the fun is just beginning!

And the text on the page continues with:

Awesome! Cool creations to inspire you!

Amazing! Mazes, puzzles, and activities to challenge you!

Exciting! Comics and stores that will take you on new adventures!

Finally ending with another minifigure and speech bubble saying:

Get ready for adventures with LEGO Friends, LEGO City, LEGO Nexo Knights, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Super Heroes, LEGO Star Wars and more! You never know who might pop up in a comic, but it’s sure to mean action and laughs.

I’m excited about her moving up to the next magazine. I’m planning on making it one of the “books” we read for our daily 10 minutes of reading. Should be fun!

Is your kid excited to receive their final edition of LEGO Club Junior magazine?

8 thoughts on “Final Edition of LEGO Club Junior Magazine!

    1. Huh. I was sure I was just over-reacting. You may be right, Marguerite, about the move to the one magazine!

      1. I mean, it’s also possible they’ve got my kid’s age wrong. If someone else comments that they *didn’t* have that notice, we’ll see!

  1. My son will be 7 in December and he received the same thing. Hoping he just got bumped up to the other magazine, he loves them.

    1. Thanks for letting us know Jennifer!

      Marguerite – it looks like we’re not alone. Seems we are moving to one magazine. Hoping it’s a good one. :)

  2. Moved to LEGO Life Magazine and they phased out the LEGO Club Jr. completely. My son is 3 and everything just stopped.He doesn’t qualify for the new magazine because he is too young. There seems to be nothing for the younger ones anymore.

    1. Yes. :(

      I’m not sure why they did that… especially since in-store DUPLO activities are few and far between.

      I recommend letting your voice be heard. Give customer service a call and let them know how you feel!

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