World’s Greatest Botanist Tshirt on TeeFury Today!

World's Greatist Botanist Tshirt on Teefury

Again with another double post, but I couldn’t skip letting you know about this. Fans of The Martian film will love the World’s Greatest Botanist Tshirt is on TeeFury!  I have yet to see the movie, because we don’t get too many chances to go to the movies with our lack of babysitters, but I’ve heard it was pretty awesome.

So, if you *are* a fan of the movie, or you just like the t-shirt, you can grab it today on TeeFury.

This awesome little brain child is from t-shirt designer pacalin. It comes on a black, brown or blue t-shirt in Men, Women and Youth sizes. Prices start at $11.

Are you planning on picking up one of the World’s Greatest Botanist tshirts? I’m thinking of getting one in brown…


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