The Only Amazon Prime Day LEGO Deal You Will See

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting with much anticipation for this day, in hopes of finding an awesome Amazon Prime Day LEGO deal. I’ll be upfront and burst your bubble… there isn’t a super awesome deal there for most of us.

The LEGO items are all listed with their usual discounts and they are flying the “Amazon Prime Deal” banner. (Don’t be fooled – there isn’t an additional discount, it has to do with the deal for LEGO which I will explain further below.) HOWEVER, if you are in the market for an Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet, then read on, because today is your lucky day!


Amazon Prime Day LEGO Deal

Above is a screenshot of the Amazon Prime Day LEGO deal available for today only. If you can’t read the small print (and no shame, ’cause I couldn’t read the small print), it says:

For a limited time, save 40% on your choice of a Fire Kids Edition tablets after spending $50 on LEGO. Includes all LEGO shipped and sold by

Step 1: Select your choice of a Fire Kids Edition tablet.

Step 2: Choose from any LEGO products shipped and sold by

So, while this is marketed as a LEGO deal, it really is a Fire tablet deal… earning you 40% off your purchase. This is why I say, if you are already in the market for a Fire Kids Edition tablet, this is a good deal for you!

This is an affiliate link you can use to purchase this deal from Amazon.

Oh! And it is actually even better than the existing deal on the tablet:

Amazon Prime Day Fire Kids Tablet Deal

With this deal, you are getting 30% off the purchase of your Fire Kids Edition Tablet. This is a great deal if you do not plan on buying any LEGO sets. However, if you are planning on buying LEGO sets (and honestly, who lives there life not buying LEGO), then the Fire Kids Edition Tablet + LEGO deal is the one for you.

Also, you should know the deals won’t stack. You can’t add the $69.99 deal to your cart, add $50 worth of LEGO product and then expect to get an additional 40% off your Fire Kids Edition tablet. Won’t work. (Already tried.) Whomp. Whomp.

Now remember, these deals are only available to those people who have a Prime membership. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for a free trial Amazon Prime membership to get this deal. If you decided the membership isn’t for you, you can cancel before the end of the trial period. However, once you experience the joy of free 2-day shipping, I doubt you will want to cancel.

I hope this helps someone out there who was planning on buying a Fire Kids Edition tablet anyway!

Are you planning on taking advantage of the Amazon Prime Day LEGO deal?

2 thoughts on “The Only Amazon Prime Day LEGO Deal You Will See

  1. They did have ONE prime day deal, it was listed for early access the night before, for Prime Members only. It was the Lego Ferris Wheel, regularly $199.99 on sale for $149.99. I didn’t take advantage of it myself but hope someone else was able to!!!

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