Build Your Own LEGO Construction Site Modular

We’ve been a little more silent than normal, as we’re spending our week in Florida for Spring Break! Yay! I’d like to say one of my top concerns has been the blog, but between visits to LEGOLAND, Disney World and back to the LEGOLAND Waterpark (a first for us), I’ve been in a constant state of exhaustion. I’m sure many of you can relate. However, I don’t want to leave you without anything interesting to check out, so let me show you how you can build your own LEGO construction site modular.

The hubs and are a super excited about this particular build, because we’ve always felt one of the things the DixieLUG group is missing in its layout is a construction site. We have pirate buildings, extra large grand hotels, bays and farms, but nothing under construction. (I think a building on fire, with firefighters putting out the fire would be cool, too, but one thing at a time…)


Build your own LEGO construction site modular

Fortunately for us, and many of you out there, back in 2016 Ryan Taggert submitted an original MOC for a LEGO construction site modular. With so many people purchasing the annual LEGO modulars, Ryan definitely had a great idea many of us thought would definitely win. Unfortunately, he was passed up in the most recent review round for LEGO Ideas. Whomp, whomp. (BTW, if you missed the winner, it is the LEGO Ideas Women of Nasa set.)

However, for whatever reason, he decided to release his MOC free to the public! This means if you were hoping to build the LEGO construction site modular, you still can! Thanks to Brickset, he let all of us LEGO fans know. Now, you can download Ryan’s instructions here.

We will definitely be adding his list of parts to those we look for when sorting bricks. There are several of us in the DixieLUG group that plan on building this modular.

How about you? Are you planning on adding a LEGO construction site modular to your city layout?

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