May 4th LEGO Minifigure Speed Build Challenge Details

If you haven’t realized, May the 4th, also known as May the Force be with you, is coming up next month. If you’ve looked at the May 2017 LEGO Calendar, you probably noticed there is an event that day, the LEGO Minifigure Speed Build Challenge:

May 4: Special Star Wars events in stores today only!
All day, come in dressed as your favorite Star Wars character and complete the search & find activity to earn wearable Yoda ears.

At 5pm, participate in a minifigure speed build challenge. The fastest builders will get a free minifigure! Registration may be necessary, please see a Brick Specialist for details. This activity is intended for ages 6-14 only.

While the calendar doesn’t give you a lot of details about the Minifigure Speed Build Challenge, I spoke with one of the local store managers and got some additional information:

The Event is Grouped by Age

Since 6 and 14 have such a wide range of difference, it doesn’t seem fair to pair them up against each other. Therefore, I was told that the event would be grouped by age. This means, like ages will compete against each other.

There is Limited Time for the Event – Make Sure You’re Early!

Our local store has every intention of starting at 5pm sharp. This is not like mini builds, where you can stroll in at a later time and still participate. This means you should be there 4:45pm at the latest. If you’re not there, you will miss out… and incur the wrath of the Empire. ;)

Everyone Gets a Star Wars Something, the Fastest Winner Gets the Main Prize

While the description above mentions the fastest builders will get a free minifigure, the reality is a little different. If your child plays, they will get a Star Wars “something” to take home, while the fastest winner will get a bigger, main prize. If you’re kid has any inclination to participate, they’ll be super happy going home with a little something for their effort.

What to Expect at the LEGO Minifigure Speed Build Challenge

From what I’m told, the contest rules are that the kids have 60 seconds to build AS MANY FIGURES as they can. They must each be unique and properly assembled (i.e. no hat on backwards or torso facing in reverse) with legs, torso, head, headgear/hair and an accessory. In previous events, the winner got to assemble three figures of their choice, while second place got one figure.

Last time this event was held, our local store said they had only 3 kids come in and participate. It’s a shame, really, because LEGO sends the stores tons of giveaway participation product and then the stores must return anything that wasn’t given away the day after the event.

We plan on going to the Minifigure Speed Build challenge. Will you?

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