LEGO Star Wars Toys”R”Us Building Event – May 6th

Oh May… how much do I look forward to May… especially May the 4th, just so I can say “May the 4th be with you!” (Get it? “May the 4th”? “May the Force?”) Sadly, the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Toys”R”Us Building Event is not on May 4th, but May 6th.

LEGO Star Wars Toys”R”Us Building Event – May 6th

If you can’t read the graphic above, it reads:

Join us…for a LEGO Star Wars building event

Saturday, 5/6 12-2pm at ALL Toys”R”Us stores

Make & take home a Micro Princess Leia, and go on a clue hunt!

As usually, this even is intended for kids, but the fine text for the vent reads “ages 6-up”. So you AFOLs out there hoping to build, I would stop by the event towards the end of the slot and see if you can make & take a build… provided there are plenty of extras, and the store doesn’t mind, or course.

Also, there is a scavenger hunt, although they don’t really go into detail as to what you can expect.

Finally, for those of you looking to shop, the stores will be giving $10 off any LEGO Star Wars purchase of $50 or more!

Ok Star Wars fans? Who’s excited about the LEGO Star Wars Toys”R”Us Building Event?

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