Free LEGO Minifigure With Purchase During Minifigure Swap Monday

If you haven’t seen the LEGO calendar for February, you’re in for a treat! LEGO is giving away a free lego minifigure with purchase during Minifigure Swap Mondays!


The image says:

Come in February 20th for Minifigure Swap Monday and get 1 FREE minifigure when you buy a Build a Minifigure 3-pack!


In addition, you can combine the purchase of the minifigure 3-pack with another promotion:

The image says:

FREE poster with any purchase! Collect a new poster each week February 1-26!


The free minifigure is a great deal. Instead of a complete minifigure costing you $3.33, the free minifigure drops the price of the minifigures down to $2.50 a piece.

We never turn down a free minifigure, so we may definitely be making a stop there on that Monday!

Are you excited about the free LEGO minifigure during Minifigure Swap Mondays?

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