Create a LEGO Minifigure Display with IKEA Frames

Do you have too many minifigures? Don’t know what to do with them? I have an idea for you! Why don’t you create a LEGO Minifigure display with IKEA frames?

While we’ve managed to place our minifigure series in frames, we haven’t hung them up. It’s the reason I haven’t written about this sooner. I wanted to have pictures to share with you guys of our awesome layout. But alas, there are none… yet…

However, I didn’t want to skip sharing them with you, so let me tell you how we even managed to create our display frames…

One of the fun things about participating in a LEGO User Group, like DixieLUG, is that we meet likeminded people, with a passion for the little bricks and minifigures that go along with them. There, we met the awesome Dana of Rambling Introspection. (He doesn’t blog much, but the last 4 posts have been good, meaty, LEGO-related posts, so it is worth the time to stop by his blog.)

At one of the meetings, we got into a discussion about how to create a LEGO Minifigure display with IKEA frames, because at the time the ones on the market were too expensive for us. ($35 a pop, plus the overseas shipping.)

We had found some frames at IKEA we thought would work out great. As it turns out, Dana had already made his own! He used a smaller version of the same frames we were planning on using. Once we saw how his turned out and how much less space they took, we decided to go with the IKEA Ribba Frames, too.

Here is the excerpt from his blog.


In the premier issue of Blocks magazine, in late 2014, they had an article “How To Make a Minifigure Display Frame”.  Great article with pictures and instructions for making a large frame to hold 48 minifigures. I knew instantly I’d want to make one someday. However, 48 minifigures?!? I just couldn’t wrap my brain around displaying 48 figures in one frame. I could pick 48 Star Wars characters to display or a mix of different themes, but these options just didn’t appeal to me at that number. Not to mention that the IKEA RIBBA frame is 19 3/4 x 19 3/4″ (50 x 50cm) and takes up a lot of wall space. Luckily IKEA makes a smaller RIBBA frame that is 9 x 9″ (23 x 23 cm).
In my first design layout I wanted to fit as many minifigures in the frame, without it looking too cluttered…

If you’re interested in creating your own minifigure frames, I suggest you head on over to his blog and see how he made his own!

How about you? Are you planning to create a LEGO Minifigure Display with IKEA frames?


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