The Idea For The LEGO DC Super Hero Girls

So it seems the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls theme is doing really well in stores! (I know I’ve purchased most of the sets… I just don’t have space to build and display them, which is why you haven’t seen any reviews of the sets… or any set for that matter… Yes, you can call me a bit of a horder…) Anywho…

Sometime early last year, I ran across a Flickr album showcasing customized LEGO Friends minidolls painted up as the soon-to-be-released LEGO DC Comics Super Hero girls minidolls. I remember thinking how cool it was and how much I liked the project. For some reason though, I never posted about it.

As is obvious, I completely forgot about them… until I ran across my post about the New York Comic Con giveaway for the LEGO DC Comics Super Hero Girls Batgirl minidoll. All of a sudden, the memories flooded my mind. Off I went on a wild goose chase.

Fortunately my search paid off! Here is the flickr album by user JustJon:

LEGO Super Friends Project Day 1 - Supergirl

The LEGO Super Friends Project

As you can see, he did an excellent job of customizing these LEGO Friends minifigures. Batgirl, Super Girl and Wonder Woman are the only ones created that match the release sets. All the others are definitely worth looking at!

All this makes me wonder if he had heard of the new line being released and therefore decided to make his own versions,  or did he really come up with the original idea and LEGO decided to use it. How would you even go about proving it was your idea in the first place?

Either way,  I’m glad he customized these figures. They make for a great glimpse into potential future minidolls!

What do you think of these LEGO DC Super Hero Girl customized minifigures? Do you think LEGO took the idea from this guy and ran with it?

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