LEGO Valentine’s Day Rose & LEGO Cabin Building Instructions

I had a reader ask me the other day if I was going to post instructions for the LEGO Valentine’s Day Rose build. Well, as I mentioned previously, I missed the event, because I arrived too late to the sign up party for the event. However, a friend in our DixieLUG group (thanks Tricia!) was kind enough to make a copy of the LEGO Valentine’s Day Rose building instructions for me to share with you all.


LEGO Valentine’s Day Rose Building Instructions

LEGO Rose Building Instructions - Page 1

As you can see, there isn’t much to the building instructions. The build is all of 26 pieces, but some of them you may have some difficulty finding, unless you happen to purchase a lot of box sets.


LEGO Rose Building Instructions - Page 2

So this isn’t a build you can easily make from say, a LEGO Creative Box, but part of building is being creative, right? I’m sure you guys can make due. ;)

The instructions are visible in the images above; however, here is a link where you can download the LEGO Rose building instructions.


LEGO Log Cabin Building Instructions

I also found out that for those who got to participate in the event, they also got a second, unannounced, build! They also got to build a LEGO log cabin!


LEGO Log Cabin Building Instructions - Page 1

For those who have never seen this, the LEGO Log Cabin was the February 2013 monthly mini build. It comes with 58 pieces.


LEGO Log Cabin Building Instructions - Page 2

The only pieces you may have trouble locating are the 2×4 slopes. I don’t see those often, but maybe you already have them in your collection!

Here is a link to download the instructions for the LEGO Log Cabin build.


What did you think of the event?

For those that went, I’m curious. Tell me what you thought about the event? How was it run? What would you do differently? I’m curious to hear what the feedback was. Hopefully LEGO will do this again for AFOLs!

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