PFx Brick Kickstarter Project

While I don’t write about too many Kickstarter projects, I had a reader contact me about this one right here: the PFx Brick Kickstarter project by Fx Bricks.

While there are plenty of projects that have come out helping to provide light to LEGO builds, this one also gives you the ability to add sound. Interesting, right?


About PFx Brick

Here is the description from the project Kickstarter page:

Lights, sound, action; these three words perfectly summarize the essence of the PFx Brick. Never before have these capabilities been available on a single device, in such a small form factor, and designed specifically for LEGO® builders. That is, until now!

Introducing the PFx Brick! A device which transforms your LEGO® creations with awesome new possibilities for lighting and, for the first time, sound! The PFx Brick was designed and developed by longtime LEGO® fans Jason Allemann and Michael Gale in order to add extra magic to their own LEGO® creations. Using their engineering skills and experience, the PFx Brick has evolved from a concept to a mature pre-production prototype.

The aim of this Kickstarter campaign is to make the PFx Brick widely available to LEGO® fans everywhere by funding the effort to put the PFx Brick into volume production.

PFx Brick Sample Projects

If you’re interested in seeing the project at work, you can join Jason and Michael for a Kickstarter live stream at 10am EST as they build the Porsche GT3 and give it what they call the “PFx Treatment”.

And I recommend you just go to the Kickstarter page regardless, since there are a ton of informational graphics that can help you better understand everything you are getting by supporting this project.


Interested in helping fund the PFx Brick Kickstarter?


So if you’re interested, here’s how you can pitch in. Visit the PFx Brick Kickstarter page. There you can check out how to support the project. If you want to keep up with the project, you can make a pledge for $1. The next step is the Bare Bones pledge at $65 USD which would provide you with the PFx Brick. Or you can purchase the whole kit and caboodle (a PFx Brick, XL Speaker, picoLABduo and 4x picoLEDs) for $120 USD.

There are other packages, some come with size M speakers and others double the amount of items you get in the package, so there are plenty of options to choose from.


What do you think of the PFx Brick Kickstarter project? 

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