LEGO Tip: Separating Plates

When I was reviewing the comments in a post on brick organization that I wrote about earlier this month, I came across a great tip by Philippe of on how to separate plates that are stuck together. My method was to stick the plates on another larger brick and use the brick separator to pop them apart.

However, I don’t always have a spare brick at the time I need to separate some plates, but I do usually have more than one brick separator on hand. If you buy any number of larger sets from LEGO, you almost always have a brick separator in the box, so they grow like weeds around here. The image below shows you how you can separate two plates… or bricks… using opposing brick separators:

Remove two plates with brick separators

It’s basically the same concept I employ, but more convenient!

Did you know about this tip… or how do you separate your stuck bricks?

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