How Do I Know When A LEGO Set Will Retire?

I know it’s such a bummer when you miss a set in stores. You keep visiting the store over and over again, hem and haw about picking up the set and then the next time you go back, it’s gone! So, how do you know when a LEGO set will retire?

It used to believe you could pretty much count on a set being discontinued at the 2 year mark. However, after viewing the retired sets from the last few years, I’ve noticed LEGO realized certain sets will still sell well with a longer shelf life than other sets, and the same in reverse. All that to say there is no definitive way to determine when exactly a set will be discontinued.

There are a few things you can do though, to keep a set on your radar:

  • Find out when a set went into production

    You can check for a release date on Bricklink, BrickSet or other similar fan sites. At the year mark, just know that it could retire at any time.

  • Check the “Retiring Soon” search on Shop@Home

    LEGO sets retiring soon

    Any sets found there should be retiring within the next 2 months from the time they appear on the page.

  • Deep discounts on the LEGO site

    LEGO sets on sale

    If you start noticing a set getting discounted at 30% or higher on the Shop@Home website, you can best believe it will be retiring soon. This is LEGO trying to reduce their stock of existing inventory for this set to sell it out.

Finally, if you do miss a set because it retired, make sure you check out other stores like Walmart, Target & ToysRUs. They tend to carry discontinued sets until they run out and most time there won’t be a price hike like there is if you are buying from resellers or others who know the value of the retired set.

Do you have other ways to know when a LEGO set will retire?

2 thoughts on “How Do I Know When A LEGO Set Will Retire?

  1. It has been my experience on the shop@home website that if a product is marked as “Out of Stock” it will probably be back in stock at some point. If it is marked “Sold Out” I find that it won’t be back again and is an indicator to check other stores, especially online for remaining stock.

    1. Excellent tip Jim! I definitely see the logic in the “out of stock” versus the “sold out” markers on the website.

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