BoxTop Builder Kickstarter Project

You already know we are not your average family when it comes to LEGO. However, for those of you out there who might have a more tame obsession toward LEGO, I think you’d probably be really interested in the BoxTop Builder project on Kickstarter.


BoxTop Builder Creator Playing with Kids

The creator, Michael Piccuirro, contacted me the other day to check out his project pre-release. (That’s him with his kids in the above photo.) He is a Dad that got tired of buying expensive LEGO sets only to have his kids lose bricks before it’s complete. He couldn’t find any solutions to the problem, so he built his own.

If you’d like to see the BoxTop Builder in action, take a look at the animated GIF below:


BoxTop Builder Kickstarter - Product Demo


It’s an interesting concept. Don’t you agree?


My thoughts on the BoxTop Builder Kickstarter

At first, I wasn’t to enthusiastic about the project. After sleeping on it though, I do believe this would work well for our daughter. She doesn’t always have the attention span to complete a project in one sitting. Those are the nights it remains on our dining room table. This would be good for her to store the project parts in-between sessions… and give us back our dining room table.

I think Michael did an excellent job carrying out his idea. The pull out tray is smart, as is the spots for minifigures and staging area for pieces you need to build the page.

I would have liked some sort of locking mechanism and carrying handle. That would have been great for traveling. I also would have liked the ability to somehow connect the pull out tray to the base of the BoxTop Builder. That would make this a great solution for building in the car while on road trips where lap space is scarce.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent first release project!


Interested in helping fund the BoxTop Builder Kickstarter?

Here’s how you can pitch in. Visit the BoxTop Builder Kickstarter page. There you can check out how to support the project. The standard pledge is $35 for the product. However, the first 500 backers get $10 off.


What do you think of the BoxTop Builder Kickstarter project? Would you buy one for your family’s set building projects?

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