5 Ways to Build a LEGO Rainbow

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today is the day we all wear green and drink lots of beer (if that’s your thing!) It’s not mine, so I’ll just be drinking some green tea… and thinking about how to build a LEGO rainbow… maybe I’ll find my leprechaun and a pot of gold at the end. ;)

Last year I was looking at ideas on how to build a LEGO leprechaun trap. The girl is more interested in rainbows this year, so we decided to take a look at how to build them.

We found a few ideas for different ways to build a LEGO rainbow, so I thought I’d share them with you guys here:


5 Ways to Build a LEGO Rainbow

Method 1: Build a LEGO Rainbow with 2×4 plates

Build a LEGO Rainbow with 4x4 plates(source: Rainbow Power!!! by Broxome on DeviantArt)

This is a still from The LEGO Movie, as you can see, they built the rainbow using 2×4 LEGO plates. It looks like they connected them at the top with grey or transparent black hinge plates.


Method 2: Build a LEGO Rainbow with 1×1 studs and 1×2 plates

Build a LEGO Rainbow with 1x1 studs and 1x2 plates(source: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! by Peter Aoun on Flickr)

The above MOC uses a building method with 1×1 studs and 1×2 plates that allows you to create a curve. If you alternate 1×1 studs and 1×2 plates, then offset each row by 1 stud position, it allows you to create curved walls. This is a fun method you should try some time!


Method 3: Build a LEGO Rainbow with 2x Bricks

Build a LEGO Rainbow with 2x Bricks(source: Little Bins for Little Hands)

Sarah of Little Bins for Little Hands created a challenge for kids to create rainbows. The examples she uses on her site show that you don’t need specific bricks to create with LEGO. Her kids created these rainbows with 2×2 and 2×4 bricks. This is typically what you will find in most of the LEGO Creative Boxes (<– affiliate link). They even added fluffy clouds… which I really like!


Method 4: Build a LEGO Rainbow with 1×1 studs

Build a LEGO Rainbow with 1x1 studs

(source: CMF Habitat S6-9 – Leprechaun by BrickinNick on Flickr)

This is an interesting method for building a LEGO Rainbow. Basically, you would stack studs and offset by 1 stud position for each column. I would probably use transparent studs to fill in the space between the rainbow where there is no color and place the rainbow on plates, if I was looking to build just the rainbow itself.


Method 5: Build a LEGO Rainbow with 2×2 Bricks on diagonal

Build a LEGO Rainbow with 2x2 Bricks on diagonal

(source: aresze moc – The treasure of Rainbow)

While the colors are backwards on this rainbow, the building technique is awesome! I love the diagonal build which makes for an awesome look to the rainbow.


Now you should note, all of these builds were made with regular bricks. There was nothing super fancy or rare in these, so you should be able to make these builds with bricks you have in your collection or in any of the LEGO Creative Boxes.

Have you made built a LEGO Rainbow before? Which method did you use?

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