LEGO Pick-a-Models on Pick-a-Brick Wall July 2015

When we visited the LEGO Store last, we also got a quick look at the latest Pick-a-Model build on our Pick-a-Brick wall. Say “snap!” for alligators! Or crocodile… as it may be, since I can’t seem to find information on the official name of the build.

LEGO Pick-a-Model Alligator Crocodile-165157

We didn’t get a chance to grab the pieces needed to build this set, so I snapped a photo of the build and we’re going to try and build him from our own stash.

LEGO Pick-a-Model Alligator Crocodile-165137

Isn’t he a pretty guy?

If you’re wanting to build your own, you will need the following parts:

LEGO Pick-a-Model Alligator Crocodile-165124

There’s also one more model out in the wild, but I haven’t seen it yet since our store is only large enough to display one build on the Pick-a-Brick wall at a time. Do you know what it is? The other LEGO Pick-a-Brick model is a Jeep! Which Pick-a-Brick mini build did you like best this quarter?

Update 09/02/2015 – If you want to download a copy of the build instructions for this guy, we snapped a few quick pictures of the alligator and made them into instructions which you can download here.

5 thoughts on “LEGO Pick-a-Models on Pick-a-Brick Wall July 2015

    1. We still don’t have the jeep at our store, but if we run by the LEGO Store this weekend, we’ll make sure to grab a snap shot of the back of the package for the alligator build. I have yet to find instructions for you on either build. :/

    2. Jim – If you’re still looking for instructions, we finally swung by the LEGO Store this weekend and snapped photos of the instructions for the Crocodile. I’ve updated the post, so you can download them above.

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