LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Comparison

I originally started writing a comparison of the LEGO advent calendars back in September, but clearly got sidetracked. With December just around the corner, I figured I should get to it. Better to have information before LEGO’s Black Friday sale, right? So here is a year to year comparison of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar…

Who can resist the siren call of a great Star Wars set? That’s why many a fan looks forward each August to purchase the latest edition of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Sporting no less then 6 minifigures, the calendar manages to reimagine our beloved Star Wars characters in new scenes each Christmas. While a few weeks ago I gave a poor review for the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar, you can be assured you get more bang for your buck with the Star Wars version.

As in previous years, LEGO has done a great job of filling out this set well for Star Wars enthusiasts:

  2012 2013 2014
2012 2013 2014
Minifigures 7 6 7
Santa Santa Darth Maul Holiday Jango Fett Darth Santa
Christmas Tree no yes yes (Festive Astromech)
Snowman yes (Snowman R2-D2) no no
Additional Items Battle Droid Security Jet Pack Sled Luke’s Landspeeder
Super Battle Droid Jango Fett’s Slave I Republic Cannon
General Grievous Weapon Depot Separatist Shuttle Snowspeeder
Gonk Droid Genosian Weapons Depot Vulture Droid
Star Destroyer Geonosian Starfighter Snowball Missle Launcher
Hoth Blaster Station Republic Dropship Holiday Fireplace
Gungan Battle Depot AT-TE Walker Slave 1 (Firespray 31)
Trade Federation MTT Twin-Pod Cloud Car TIE Fighter
Trade Federation AAT Republic Assault Ship Holiday Speeder Bike
Naboo Royal Shuttle Republic Gunship Jedi Starfighter
Naboo Starfighter Weapons Depot Imperial Shuttle
General Grievous Starfighter Zam Wesell’s Speeder Armored Assault Tank (AAT)
AT-AT Walker Dooku’s Solar Sailer Moisture Vaporator
Sith Infiltrator Naboo Cruiser Anakin’s Y-wing Starfighter
Vulture Droid Jedi Starfighter Clone Trooper Weapon Station
Gungan Sub Zam Wesell’s Speeder Hoth Command Center
Flash Speeder FA-4 Pilot Droid Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter

lego-star-wars-advent-calendar-contents-2014I’m generally not a fan of Christmas decorations that have nothing to do with Christmas, but I do rather enjoy the holiday accents on the droid, stormtrooper and of course, Darth Santa. The fireplace comes in a close second. Other than that, the rest of the mini builds are well suited for all year play.

If we had a boy, we’d definitely pick one up for him!

Have you purchased the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar in previous years? Which was your favorite year?



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