December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review 

So yes, I realize we are almost a whole two months into 2017 and it seems a little odd I would still want to post my December 2016 Brick Loot box review. However, with the month’s theme of Star Wars, how could I not?

I actually saved this box just for my husband. While he asked where the new box was mid month, it was already squirreled away in a secret hiding place to gift to him on Christmas morning. See, with all the other boxes, I waited as long as I could so we could open them together, but then I would get a comment of “You opened it without me?” Which, of course, made me feel guilty.

This time, with this theme, I wasn’t about to mess up!

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - Box Opening

So here is the December 2016 Brick Loot box unboxing!


Contents of the December 2016 Brick Loot Box

The Brick Loot boxes come with a contents card:

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - What's Inside Card - Front

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - What's Inside Card - Back

You can find it at the bottom of the box.

The front of the card tells you the box theme. The back of the card has a small blurb describing each item.


Brick Loot Box Item 1: Exclusive 100% LEGO Build Designed by Joe Meno

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - J-Wing Build

From the content card:

Joe Meno, in past lives, has been an advertising art director, an artist, and a Disney Cast Member. In 2000, he rekindled his LEGO hobby from childhood and has coordinated conventions and now edits a LEGO fan magazine, BrickJournal. For the publication, he writes, photographs, and does the layout. Joe still builds and enjoys building space-themed and robotic models.

You guys already know I’m a fan of micro builds, this is one draws me. I like there is some SNOT technique involved with the building, plus the fact this is the one 100% LEGO item in the box makes it a hit with me.


Brick Loot Box Item 2: Force Destroyer and Sky Defender

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - Force Destroyer

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - Sky Defender

From the content card:

Blast away into another galaxy with these 2 exclusive Brick Loot spaceships. You can defend the galaxy or destroy it. Only you can decide. No matter which way you go you’re sure to have a BLAST!

Even more micro, the Force Destroyer and Sky Defender remind me of a build you might get out of the LEGO Advent Calendar. The packaging boxes are a fun touch, but unnecessary, I think.


Brick Loot Box Item 3: Micro Walker Designed by Simon Liu 

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Unveiling - Micro Walker - AT-AT

From the content card:

Simon Liu (AKA Si-MOCs) between 905 is a grown up with a grown up job and responsibilities, but during his free time he reverts back to a child with a simple love of LEGO. He creates futuristic worlds out of little bricks where anything is possible and only limited by your imagination. or

You can never really have enough AT-ATs, if you ask me. Decent build. Love the size. Again, great for micro scenes.


Brick Loot Box Item 4: BrickJournal

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - BrickJournal

From the content card:

Order your subscription TODAY at

Who can turn down a free digital copy? It’s a great magazine if you have never checked it out.


Brick Loot Box Item 5: M-FIGZ Case

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - Minifigure Case

From the content card:

Check out the newest minifigure cases available on the market. You can protect your rare figs and store up to 3 in one case. Purchase more at

This was an excellent item. Well made, my husband immediately took a shine to it. I’m not sure we will purchase any additional ones, but he was happy with the box item.


Brick Loot Box Item 6: Exclusive Light for SPACE

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - Lite Up Blocks Kit

From the content card:

Add this custom blue light to your galaxy for the perfect blue of outer space. More colors available at

We always love to get extra light parts, so this kit was welcomed.


Brick Loot Box Item 7: The Writer of the Galaxy – Custom 100% LEGO Minifigure

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - Writer of the Galaxy Minifigure - George Lucas

From the content card:

Designed by Myles Dupont and custom printed exclusively by United Bricks for Brick Loot.

United Bricks specializes in top quality printed LEGO items, with a vast and ever expanding range of printed items to choose from.

This minifigure is great. We love the printed tile. I should have gotten a close up of it, but the tile says “Star Wars” and in red letters, “Final Script”.


Brick Loot Box Item 8: LEGO Artwork

December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review - Star Wars Artwork

There was nothing said about the artwork on the content card this time, but it was really good, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

Finally, let’s thank the husband for being the hand model for today’s photos. We’ll work on manicuring his nails for the next round of shots. ;)


How to win a MEGA Brick Box

Brick Loot Box Review

If you ever receive a Brick Loot box, you’ll notice additional messaging on the side of their shipping box. They do a giveaway every month for the best unboxing video. You could win a free LEGO set!

All you need to do is create an unboxing video, post it on You Tube and email your video link to

They’ll pick one winner each month and announce it on Facebook, their website and newsletter.


Our December 2016 Brick Loot Box Review Thoughts

Again, this is nothing new to you guys who have been reading my Brick Loot box reviews… while these boxes are nice and fun to receive, even with the awesomeness of this month’s theme, I still maintain adults are not the target audience for this product. If you’ve never received the box, by all means, do try it out. However, I am sure you would be happier with a different type of subscription box.

The gist? Get a monthly Brick Loot box subscription for younger LEGO enthusiasts. They’ll love it!


How to Purchase a Brick Loot Box Subscription

Brick Loot boxes start at $24.95/month for a 12 month subscription. You still have to pay $6 shipping and handling (USA, that is – other countries can expect to pay more) on top of that, so it is more like $30.95 a month.

If you’re not ready to jump in head first, you can purchase a one-month subscription for $27.00 + $6.00 shipping for a grand total of $32.00. You probably drop almost that much if not more with monthly visits to The LEGO Store, so maybe you should try a box for a month just to see! Visit the Brick Loot website for more details.


Did you get the December 2016 Brick Loot Box? What did you think?

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