Casing the Museum is Child’s Play – Security Review


I love to read LEGO set reviews that stray from the norm. So many reviews, including the few I’ve done, simply talk about the number of pieces in the set, the minifigures, what LEGO could have done better, etc… However, I recently ran across an excellent review on the LEGO City Museum Break-in (60008) set by Bob Combs, the director of security at the Getty Museum!

LEGO City Museum Break-in

Here’s a small excerpt from the review that tickled my funny bone:

The museum in question has an easily accessible skylight that appears not to be locked or alarmed, and the two thieves also come equipped with handy rope to assist them in their endeavor. Conveniently, LEGO® vines growing on the outside of the museum provide handgrips the thieves can use in climbing up to the skylight. Also of concern is the lack of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) coverage. However, after some looking online I did find a YouTube video in which a ten-year-old boy shows you how to make your own LEGO® CCTV cameras with only five LEGO® pieces. Your child may want to look into adding this security measure, at the very least.


It is so great it definitely makes you look at the set in a different light. If you haven’t clicked through, you should visit the link to read the full article.

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