Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription Service Review

I’ve noticed many of you visiting the site looking for information on LEGO subscription services. Since I only reviewed 2 of them last year, I thought I’d seek out a few more and update my LEGO monthly subscription services post. That’s how I came across the Booster Bricks monthly LEGO subscription service. We got our first box this month, so I’m sharing it with you below.


Contents of the March 2017 Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription Service

For the month of March, we received our Booster Bricks box with the following items:

March 2017 Booster Bricks Subscription Service

I’ll tell you more about them below.

But first, the box contained two inserts. The first one was a welcome letter of sorts:

VIP Builder Box

March 2012

Happy March everyone! As a first order of business, we want to officially welcome all of our brand new VIP Members! This is your first official VIP Challenge Box – inside you’ll find all of your challenges, your Mystery box, as well as any bonuses you may have received during your sign-up. :)

This month’s box has some special extras as well – so keep a look out for your “googly” eyes in your Premier Challenge! That was definitely the challenge we had the most fun with. :-)

What’s inside:

  • Premier Challenge
  • Minifig Challenge
  • MicroBuild Challenge
  • Mystery Box

Also, and this applies to members both new and old – remember to check out our Private Facebook group as well! We’re running all of our monthly Challenge box contests there, as well as other monthly giveaways.

Speaking of which! We are excited to add a new bonus giveaway this month – the LETTER giveaway! We thought it’d be fun to have EVERY element of the box give you an opportunity to win prizes. To enter – simply comment on the “LETTER Giveaway” thread on the Facebook group with this month’s “Winning word”: GOOGLY

Be sure to share your creation! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. :-)

And finally – while we want to enjoy this month’s challenges – we always like to include a little preview of an aspect of next month’s as well…

Keep building!

– the Booster Bricks team


The second insert was more of an informational insert telling the story behind the company:

The story behind the bricks…

The LEGO Group has been making LEGO pieces since 1958 – and to date, there has been over 100,000 different unique parts made, with over 400 BILLION estimated pieces in existence! Big numbers even for one of the biggest brands ever.

The reason LEGO emerged and remained on top is their dedication to QUALITY. LEGO pieces made 50 years ago still fit perfectly with the latest pieces fresh off the shelves! In face, LEGO is so durably that it’s estimated pieces will last much, much longer than 50 years – with some sources saiyng the average brick will take millions (yes, millions!) of years to decompose!

That’s where the story of these bricks com in.

The LEGO Group does not wholesale bulk parts and pieces – so we work with our sister company “Replay Bricks” ( to get a steady supply of LEGO! In fact, without Replay Bricks there would be no VIP Membership! It’s the “source” of all this awesomeness!!

Replay Bricks allows us to have access to bulk LEGO, all while offering very reasonable prices with an unmatched variety of pieces (many of the pieces you will receive in this box aren’t made anymore!)

Replay Bricks puts all product through a strict sorting process, and is then washed, cleaned and sanitized. Everything in this box should be 100% authentic LEGO – but, once in a while, there will be a non-LEGO piece htat slips through the sorting process. Because of this, we have added some extra pieces to the box, to hopefully help make up for any small mistake.

If you have any comments or complaints about the box, we WILL make things right! Just send us an email at and we will get things fixed ASAP. :)

Thanks for being a part of our journey!

– The Booster Bricks Team


What To Do With the Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription Box Challenges

By themselves, the boxes don’t give you a clue as to what you’re supposed to do with them. However, once you get the box, you’ll find instructions inside letting you know you need to visit the private VIP Booster Bricks Facebook page to gain access to the challenge descriptions.

Be warned, if you can’t prove you purchased a subscription for the service, you won’t be allowed to join the Facebook group.

There, they make a thread for each challenge, explaining what it is you have to make with your pieces to meet the challenge:


MicroBuild Challenge

Below are the contents of the MicroBuild package we received:

March 2017 Booster Bricks Subscription Service

For this challenge, the description is as follows:

We decided to build a ZOO – and we need your help filling it with all the animals! Build some micro LEGO animals using only the pieces from your MicroBuild pack!

Booster Bricks LEGO Monthly Subscription Box - MicroBuidl Challenge


Minifig Challenge Super Hero

Below are the contents of the Minifig Challenge Super Heor package we received:

March 2017 Booster Bricks Subscription Service

For this challenge, the description is as follows:

Create your own custom SUPER HERO Minifig! For this contest only, you can use parts from your own collection!!

Booster Bricks LEGO Monthly Subscription Box - Minifig Challenge


Bonus Mystery Box

Below are the contents of the Bonus Mystery box we received:
March 2017 Booster Bricks Subscription Service

For this box, the challenge is as follows:

What did you get in your Mystery Box? Post a photo here in the comments!

Booster Bricks LEGO Monthly Subscription Box - Bonus Myster Box Challenge


Premier Challenge

Below are the contents of the Premier box we received:
March 2017 Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription Service

For this challenge, the description is as follows:

Every hero needs their villain (or villains!). Build a LEGO Monster to battle your Minifig hero! Use the eyes in your challenge pack to build one giant monster or three smaller ones!

Booster Bricks LEGO Monthly Subscription Service - Premier Challenge


Our Thoughts on the Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription Service

If we’re rating out of 5, I’d give it a 3. I like the concept, I think it’s interesting, but basically, I’m paying for a box of used LEGO bricks (at a price per parts number that is not so great) and for a group of ideas to guide my creativity. I don’t know if that is worth $30 a month for me, especially when I can get similar results by paying for a LEGO book and a box of Classic LEGOs, so I plan on trying one more box to see if I feel differently next month.

I also didn’t like how we all don’t get the same pieces in our boxes. I’m sure people find it fun to get something different than everyone else, but part of the fun is competing in a challenge where everyone is on equal footing. You can’t do that if we are all getting random LEGO pieces. Maybe I’m the only one bothered by it… Who knows?

Having said that, I do immediately see 3 reasons why this service might appeal to you:

  1. You can build your LEGO stash monthly.
  2. Purchasing used LEGOs helps reduce the demand and thereby the need for more new LEGO pieces to be made.
  3. Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone guide you, instead of trying to come up with an idea out of thin air.

So, if you agree with any one of those, this Booster Brick subscription service is for you.


How to Purchase a Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription

You can purchase Booster Bricks when the service opens up for new subscribers. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set date when the service opens, but as of the date of this post, they will open up for new subscribers in the summer and in the meantime you can join their waitlist. It just so happens that I was looking for a new service at the time they were taking in new customers, so I decided to get in on the action to sample a box.


Have you tried the Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription service? What is your take on it?

4 thoughts on “Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription Service Review

  1. I was charged for the month of July, but have not received my package yet. What do I do or who can I contact regarding This?

    1. Hi Laura –

      I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with Booster Bricks. Unfortunately, you are not alone as I had another reader ask me about their missing monthly package.

      I do not work for the company, but I was able to contact them via to cancel my subscription. I recommend you do the same to inquire about your missing monthly subscription.

      Also, you can ask on the Facebook group. They are very active there and would probably respond to you quickly.

      Good luck!

  2. I haven’t received my July 2017 order either. From lack of people posting on the Facebook page, I’m thinking most people don’t have their order yet. I contacted Booster Bricks via email you stated above and via their Facebook page. They responded right away. It was a zip code issue for me. Not sure why they had the wrong zip code considering they sent my June box okay. So, contacting them is very good, they responded right away.

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