October 2016 LEGO Monthly Mini Build Werewolf Building Instructions

In keeping with celebrating holidays, make sure you check out the October 2016 LEGO Monthly Mini Build Werewolf building instructions! This adorable “scary” werewolf is sure to captivate the hearts of kids (and adults) alike!

We unfortunately missed out on the build this month, with so many things going on during the weekend. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a look at the instructions and try to build your own…


Resources to build the October 2016 LEGO Monthly Mini Build Werewolf

LEGO Werewolf (40217)


If you need a downloadable parts list, you can grab one from Brickset. You can also download the instructions for the October 2016 LEGO Monthly Mini Build Werewolf here.


When is the next LEGO Monthly Mini Build Registration

The next LEGO Monthly Mini Build registration starts on November 15th at 9:00am EST. And don’t forget, you will need to be a VIP member in order to register your child for the monthly mini builds starting next mini build!

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