Everything You Need To Know About LEGO Monthly Mini Builds

We know many of you visit the site for information on the LEGO Monthly Mini Builds. While we like for you to browse our site, we thought it might be more helpful if we consolidated everything you need to know about the LEGO Monthly Mini Builds here on one page.


What is a LEGO Monthly Mini Build?

The LEGO Monthly Mini Build is a program run by LEGO in their stores. Once a month, they provided 250 free sets, specifically made for this program, per store, so kids can come in and build the sets.


Are there any requirements to participate in the LEGO Monthly Mini Builds?

Yes. Starting the January 2016 build, the monthly mini model build will be a LEGO® VIP exclusive event. In order to sign up, guests will need a registered VIP email address. It is free to become a LEGO VIP and is highly recommended to sign up or register your VIP card at shop.LEGO.com/VIP at least two days before the registration date of any upcoming build.


When are the LEGO Monthly Mini Builds?

The mini builds happen on the 1st Tuesday and Wednesday of each month.


How can we get our hands on a set?

The sets are only available via registration. So far, the pattern has been this: on the 15th of every month, at 9:00AM EST, registration opens at http://shop.lego.com/en-US/minibuild-registration. Registration is only for kids ages 6 – 14 and that is a strict rule. Only 4 kids per household may register.


Do you want to be notified when the next monthly mini build happens?

If your answer is Yes, you can sign up for our monthly mini build notification email list below:

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What happens if we miss out on a build?

If you miss out on registering, your kinda out of luck. Once the spots for the 250 mini builds are filled, you get put on a wait list. (I’m not exactly sure how the waitlist works, as I just learned about it recently, but as soon as I speak to a store manager, I will update this information here.)

However, if you are trying to complete your set, you can purchase mini builds off of eBay. I’m not exactly sure how they do it, but there are sellers who manage to get their hands on mini build polybags to sell off. The new registration and build system LEGO implemented earlier this year may be in an effort to curtail the selling of this mini build polybags on the secondary market, but some of them still trickle in:


Can I get the instructions for the monthly mini builds we miss?

Yes. LEGO makes the instructions for the current month available for download at http://shop.lego.com/en-US/MiniBuilds. However, if you miss out on a set of instructions, you can also find them at http://legominibuilds.wordpress.com. Finally, we’ve started compiling a list of mini build instructions here as well:









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