April 2016 LEGO Club Meeting & Bumblebee Build Instructions

This past weekend, we went to the April 2016 LEGO Club Meeting. I was in love with the LEGO Bumblebee build and wanted to get one for my own… er… for the girl. ;) We haven’t taken her to a meeting in a few months, because she hasn’t been showing interest in the mini builds. I would wake her up to make the 9am meetings and she would grumble through the whole hour while I prompted her to finish her builds. I figured, if she wasn’t into the build, why should we even go? So we didn’t.

Until the Bumblebee, that is. This time, I showed her the build ahead of time, asked her if she wanted to build it and reminded her she had to wake up early so we could make it on time. I also told her she would need an early bed time the night before so we could get up early enough to make the meeting.

As it turns out, I spent most of the meeting wishing my cousin a happy 40th. Fortunately, the husband was off and able to come with us. He got to spend the whole meeting with her, which he likes to do.



April 2016 LEGO Club Meeting Bumble Bee Build

So I finally got an opportunity to look at the bumblebee yesterday. And she’s a cute little build. While there are many details, she doesn’t seem to be too complicated to build. Hopefully these photos will give you everything you need to get started.



April 2016 LEGO Club Meeting Bumble Bee Build

April 2016 LEGO Club Meeting Bumble Bee Build


Resources to build the April 2016 LEGO Monthly Mini Build Bunny


April 2016 LEGO Club Meeting Bumble Bee Build

But if they don’t, you can always download a parts list from Brickset. You can also download the instructions for the April 2016 LEGO Monthly Mini Build Bumblebee here.


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