Winners of the Complete The Room Challenge

So by now you may be wondering what the results were of the Modulars by Kristel Complete the Room Modular Challenge considering how much I blogged about the contest. I’m sad to say neither of our entries won the challenge. *insert sad face here* However, the baby room did get honorable mention which was a pretty awesome feeling. (I know, I know… the competition pool was small, but I’ll take my wins where I can get them!)

The winners of the contest truly deserved the wins:



This is Grandma’s Sewing Room by Elizabeth Nevermind. There are so many awesome accents in this particular build I can imagine it was selected unanimously. From the super cute sewing machine build to the colorful fabric roll holder, all the details just seemed perfectly made for the scene.



I particularly liked the amazing framed wall quilt. At first, I thought the quilt might be showing through the wall, but as it turns out it was inside the building…just that the extra space by the window was filled in making it look like the outer wall. Just a fantastic build overall.



The other build that won was Master Bedroom by Ben van Middendorp. So many things to love about this LEGO MOC to include the spacious master bed and beautiful night lights…



The 6-knob dresser with messy clothing along with the reading nook with pillows and the curio cabinet…



And mostly, I’m in love with the built-in sink and bathtub combo. (I just noticed while writing this post it was a bath tub and not a shower.)

Both were well amazing builds indeed! Congratulations Elizabeth and Ben!

Did you check out the builds in the Flickr group? Which ones would you have picked?

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