LEGO Microbuild: Airplane

When I created a baby room MOC for the Complete The Room challenge, I started looking more at the idea of LEGO microbuilds. I wanted to create toys for the baby room and obviously couldn’t make them on a larger scale. This was my first attempt at minifying objects and from where the idea for the LEGO microbuild airplane came.

I rather like the idea of making something on such a microscale. To devolve an item into a tiny form lets me enjoy more of the things I love, since I can fit more of them in our house. For me, it’s part of the allure of minifigures and the LEGO Architecture line.

This is how I came across the airplane…

It wasn’t my own idea. I happened to be reading an article on Brickset when I ran across the post for the Billund Airport exclusive which had 5 little airplane builds in it:

LEGO Billund Airport Build 4000016
LEGO Billund Airport Build 4000016 from BrickSet on Flickr

It’s a rather cute build and the microbuild airplanes do get the point across. Thinking they’d be perfect for what I needed in the baby room, I made one for my entry. I can’t find it at the moment… it some how grew legs and walked away… or a little girl probably reaquired it for her LEGO table, but I made 4 new ones real quick:

LEGO Microbuild Airplanes

They’re fun, aren’t they?


How to make your own LEGO microbuild airplane

If you want to make your own airplane, it’s very simple. You only need 5 pieces:

1 transparent cheese slope – a.k.a. Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3 (54200)
1 cheese slope – a.k.a. Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3 (54200) (color of your choosing)
1 1 x 2 plate (3023) (color of your choosing)
1 1 x 3 plate (3623) (color of your choosing)
1 1 x 3 tile (63864) (color of your choosing)

I didn’t make specific visual instructions, because it’s pretty obvious from the builds where the pieces go, but just in case you don’t see how it all comes together…

  • Start with the 1×3 plate.
  • Stack the 1×2 plate on one side.
  • Stack the transparent cheese slope on remaining stud, slope out.
  • Stack 1×3 tile across the build so they make a cross, center stud connecting.
  • Stack remaining cheese slope, slope in, on open stud.

And that’s it! Easy peasy.

Have you ever made any microbuilds? I’d love to see them. Leave me a link in the comments!

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