Amazing Enchanted Forest MOC

Once again, Eurobrick forums do not disappoint! I was visiting for another parts id, when I ran across a thread for this amazing LEGO Enchanted Forest MOC.

Come on…admit it… you know you’re secretly a fan of Cinderella. Or at the very least, the little kid inside you that would stare in awe at the humungous castle at DisneyWorld is still a fan… they don’t call it the “Magic Kingdom” for nothing…

Well now you and the little kid inside you can geek out with this amazing Enchanted Forest MOC created by César Soares:

LEGO_Enchanted_Forest_MOC_1 LEGO_Enchanted_Forest_MOC_2 LEGO_Enchanted_Forest_MOC_3 LEGO_Enchanted_Forest_MOC_4 LEGO_Enchanted_Forest_MOC_5 LEGO_Enchanted_Forest_MOC_6 LEGO_Enchanted_Forest_MOC_7 LEGO_Enchanted_Forest_MOC_8

Cesar writes on his Flickr description for the MOC:

The 6th Arte em Peças held on Paredes de Coura, the annual exhibition that my LUG, Comunidade 0937, organizes every year took place on the last weekend of May and on the first of June. It was a blast! I was responsible for the Enchanted Forest display featuring my Bluewater castle, Wedgwood House, Morisledge Cottage, Green Lake Tower Ruins and other MOCs that I made for it. Special thanks to Hugo Santos who build the wonderful green roof church and elaborate the display’ s scheme (where all the buildings would be, were the rivers would pass, etc).

It has 6 by 14 Baseplates (48×48 studs) and my estimation is that it has more then 500.000 parts.

Every single Baseplate has some texture and elevations and many are elevated 10 or more bricks to give more sense of depth.

The landscape came out a little poor as I ran out of parts for trees and vegetation. I would have liked to give it a sense of a more thick and full forest, but it was not possible. Also, my intention was to put a lot more minifigs, specially on the village center with more activity situations, but I just didn’t have the time.

I just don’t have the words to describe the enormity that is this MOC.

If you’d like to see more of César Soares’ amazing LEGO models, check out his Flickr page.

Tell me, was this not an amazing MOC or what?

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