New Elements in Build-A-Minifigure Bar January 2015

This week, LEGO stores were running a mystery game with Detective Ace Brickman from the LEGO Detective Office. We had some time, so we decided to take The Little Brick for the hunt! If you’re wondering what the prize was, they handed out LEGO Detective Badge Stickers. If I could get The Little Brick to stay still enough to get a decent photo, I would have shared.

While we were there, we rummaged through the Build-A-Minifigure bar and found some really cool new elements.

We found…

LEGO Scorpion Build-A-Minifigure Bar Element

a scorpion,


LEGO Minifigure  Sad Clown Hat

a sad clown hat,


LEGO Surfboard Build-A-Minifigure Bar Element

a surfboard,


LEGO Boombox

a boombox with a cassette deck The Little Brick will never appreciate…


LEGO Male Minifigure Hair with Headphones

a male hairpiece with headphones (similar to the Video Game Guy, but instead of black headphones, these are silver),


LEGO Female Minifigure with  Flower in Hair

a female hairpiece with a flower…


LEGO Female Minifigure with Rosy Cheeks

and various new faces. Look at those cute rosy cheeks! Love her! She came home with me, btw…

These are just the ones that called our attention. We also saw another new male hairstyle (a little Goku-esque) and several new bodies (tops and bottoms). I particularly liked the bikini bottom legs, but couldn’t get The Little Brick to go for a bikini clad minifigure.

Have you been to the Minifigure Bar lately? What was your favorite new piece?

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