LEGO Ghosts Costumes Now in Minifigure Bins

LEGO Ghosts Costumes Arrive in Stores!


Last weekend, we made a quick visit to our local LEGO store. We’re in the middle of trying to build the LEGO Creator Green Grocer, but not having much success.

Once we went through our stash of LEGO, we only had about 33% of what we needed to complete the build. Then trying to buy the missing parts only got us to 90% complete with all the parts we need for the build. So our intent with visiting the store was to check the brick wall to see if we could pick up a few extra pieces for the build.

No luck for us, but we did see that the glow in the dark costumes are now available in the minifigure bins! If you want them, better go get some while they’re available! I suspect they will disappear quickly the closer we get to Halloween…

We didn’t pick any up this time around, but how about you? How many ghost costumes do you have?

7 thoughts on “LEGO Ghosts Costumes Now in Minifigure Bins

    1. The LEGO stores we visit have brick walls… walls where you can buy loose bricks in bulk. Never seen the brick wall in your local LEGO store? I thought they were standard in all stores.

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