Why we’ll be avoiding LEGO Dimensions

The Little Brick and I were playing Dance Central 3 the other day (well… I was playing and she was doing her own version of dancing), when I ran across the announcement trailer for LEGO Dimensions at LEGO.com. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a rather funny 5 minute long video staring Joe McHale (of Community fame), alongside Vetruvius, WyldStyle and Batman. You can view it here:

I have to admit after watching the video, I was just about onboard with getting the game… until I read this article detailing how much all of LEGO Dimensions will cost. To point, if you had to have it all, it would cost you roughly $334.85… before tax.


With a starting price tag of $100 for the starter pack (that includes the game, LEGO Toy Pad, 3 minifigures and a vehicle), you’ve already almost spent a third of what you would to get all existing pieces for the system. That isn’t bad, but considering we’re not the gamers we used to be… and that The Little Brick is most likely to just add the minifigures to her growing collection instead of play with them as intended, we’re going to pass. Oh, and don’t forget that this is just the beginning… if LEGO is smart (and we all know they are), they’ll be adding more packs to expand the game on a regular basis. Expanding the game will never end and neither will the drain on your wallet… but I suppose that’s the point!

So yes, we’re passing on LEGO Dimensions. We’d rather save that money for a new set or put it into our Winter Village build later down the road. It’s just too much money for us on something that will get put in a closet and hardly ever enjoyed.

How about you? Are you planning on buying LEGO Dimensions? What are you looking forward to with the game?

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