To buy or not to buy LEGO Stephanie’s Beach House

I have this conversation a lot when I’m with my husband and I run into the LEGO Stephanie’s Beach House set…

Me: I really like the set.

Him: Yea?

Me: Yes. That yellow color calls to me.

Him: So buy it.

Me: I can’t.

Him: Why not?

Me: Because I’m really annoyed LEGO used those odd panel and brick column pieces for that light yellow color.


LEGO Friends Stephanie's Beach House 41037 Front Side

There’s only 2 of them in the set, but those 2 replace a good quantity of bricks and I just can’t get over it ’cause I want to brick build with that color. Since the light yellow bricks are such an odd color, I suspect it may not to easy to find enough of those bricks affordably.

However, remember the wall quilt feature one of the Complete the Room Challenge winners built? That would have worked great with a wall element. Since the wall elements have a recess, they could have used it in conjunction with a transparent window piece to create the encased item right in the wall…except that the wall element isn’t made in reddish brown.


LEGO Wall Element 59349

Despite my dislike of those wall elements, they’ve been around a lot longer than I’ve noticed them, as they are used in plenty other recent and older sets (LEGO Emma’s House, LEGO City Police Headquarters, anyone?) I’m sure there are other great uses for them… and even so, the color makes me forget they are there every time… so maybe I will… maybe I won’t…

What do you think? Should I just get over it and buy the set?

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