LEGO Friends Building Event – September 12-13, 2015

The back of the September LEGO store calendar was full of tons of fun things to do, including an event titled “LEGO Friends Building Event”. This event is scheduled for September 12-13 at 10am:

LEGO Friends Building Event Store Calendar Blurb

The flyer snippet says:

Visit the LEGO Store for a unique opportunity to meet other LEGO Friends fans! Event begins at 10am. We encourage you to dress the part and come ready to experience a true star moment with the newest LEGO friend, Livi, as she gets ready for the concert of a lifetime! Take part in exclusive build activities and learn some new tips to make creative building more fun.


What is the LEGO Friends Building Event

We had no idea what exactly that entailed, but after asking at the last LEGO Mini Build, we found out it’s a special build opportunity for up to 20 kids per day. On Saturday, our store group is building a LEGO Friends Pop Star Piano set:



And on Sunday, our store group is building a LEGO Friends Pop Star Drums set:



We picked the Saturday build, as we already have a drum set from the LEGO Friends Mia’s Bedroom. As a matter of fact, if you look at the drumset from the Mia’s bedroom build, it’s exactly the same, with the exception of the name tile on the front of the drum set:

LEGO Friends Mia's Drumset

I don’t remember seeing the piano build in any of the LEGO Friends sets. Can anyone place it?


How to signup for the LEGO Friends Building Event

To sign up for the event, you will need to call or drop by your local store and ask an employee to put you on the list.

As for the event, aside from the build I’m not exactly sure what it entails, but it sounds like we may get a chance to meet a real life “Livi”, which would be completely awesome.

What do you think of this LEGO store event? 

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