Atlanta LEGO KidsFest

A few weekends ago, we made our first trip to LEGO KidsFest. With our 3 year old in tow, we purchased tickets for the Sunday morning session. As full as it was, we couldn’t imagine how crazy it must have been during the almost sold out Saturday sessions.

The whole trip was entertaining enough, aside from our daughter asking us “Are we there yet?” and saying “This is too far away!” several times during the ride there.

Once we got there, it was a mass of organized craziness.

We opted to walk around a bit and looked at all the awesome LEGO sculptures…

atlanta-lego-kids-fest-1 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-2 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-3 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-5 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-6 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-9 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-22


Then we sat for a few and read LEGO  books…

atlanta-lego-kids-fest-7 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-8


Spent some time making LEGO art… (and I have a new appreciation of 1×1 LEGO art…)

atlanta-lego-kids-fest-11 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-14 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-13 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-12 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-15 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-16


Played a bit in the LEGO pit… We did bury our daughter in it, too, although I don’t have a photo of it…



And continued meandering around the Fest playing at the different LEGO stations here and there.

atlanta-lego-kids-fest-21 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-23 atlanta-lego-kids-fest-17


All in all, while it was fun, I’m not sure it was worth the money (close to $70) we spent to essentially go and play with LEGOs for 4 hours. If you haven’t done it before, it’s worth doing at least once. However, we may pass on this next year.

This was the first ever LEGO Kids Fest here in Atlanta. Did you attend? How did you like it?

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