Are You Concerned About The LEGO Shortage?

Earlier last week, there was a lot of hullabaloo about a LEGO shortage this holiday season. A report came out of Europe that said they were projecting a shortage of sets and doomsdayers everywhere immediately made the leap to this being a world-wide issue.

LEGO Factory Biilund

This seems so familiar

However, LEGO spokesman Roar Rude Trangbæk put out a statement saying that is not the case. :

“We don’t anticipate a problem in the American market. This has quickly been touted as a global problem, but it’s only an issue some places in Europe. 

We follow the situation closely in the U.S. and take the appropriate action to make sure we’re ready to meet the demand we usually experience in the run-up to Christmas.

 The difference between supply in the U.S. and Europe is partly due to where the toys are manufactured. Bricks distributed in the U.S. market are made at LEGO’s plant in Monterrey, Mexico, while the European markets are supplied by Billund in Denmark, the company’s hometown, Hungary and the Czech republic…

Our factories are running on maximum capacity globally, but the demand has been bigger than we expected. There isn’t capacity to meet the demand for replenishment orders on some European markets, but that doesn’t mean we’re running out of LEGO bricks globally.”

And there you have it from the horse’s mouth… or mouthpiece, so to say.

So, how do you feel about it all… you tell me below – Are you in pieces or should we all just calm down and “LEGO”?

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