OMG! LEGO Disney Castle is a Fan Smorgasbord!

Have you heard the news? It’s all the Disney/LEGO-verse has been talking about all weekend. Disney has confirmed LEGO will be releasing set 71040 LEGO Disney Castle on September 1st! I’m not sure how LEGO feels about Disney beating them to the punch, but now that it’s out there, I know all fans are rejoicing.

If you haven’t seen this beautiful creation, you are missing out. Modeled after the Disney World Cinderella Castle, the detail put into this build is amazing. Let me share with you the images I picked up from BrickSet:

At 4080 pieces, this set will cost $349 US. It will be released as a LEGO exclusive and found at both Disney parks.


A closer look at the LEGO Disney Castle

I also recommend, if you have 10 or so minutes, this video from FamilyGamerTV:

He goes into more detail about what you will find in the set. He also does an excellent job of pointing out details bound to delight every Disney fan! Poisoned apples, glass slippers, wizards hats, genie lamps…so much to see! So many references to awesome Disney moments. Who can resist?


LEGO August 17 VIP Only Release

I can guarantee you we will be picking up a set on September 1st. However, I’m hoping this is the set they plan on release in the middle of August to VIP members. If you look on the August 2016 LEGO Store Calendar, you can see there is a scheduled set release. Let’s cross our fingers this is the set coming out!

It would make a great birthday present for me. :) (Hint, hint hubby. I won’t hold it against you that I know what my late birthday present will be!)

How about you? Planning on picking up a LEGO Disney Castle set the first chance you get?

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    1. I agree!

      According to the Shop@Home website, LEGO says it will be available online on September 1st. I suspect that will be the release date for stores as well. :)

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