LEGO Disney Princess Build Sneak Peek

This weekend, we stopped by our local LEGO store, since we made a trip to the mall to pick up the Build-a-Bear Star Wars Boba Fett bear. (That was for my husband, guys, and he wasn’t the only manly man there getting a stuffed animal for himself, so don’t be shy…) As it turns out, I was able to grab a LEGO Disney Princess build sneak peek!

Our “LEGO family” was holding down the fort, so we had a good time catching up. They asked if we signed up the little brick for the LEGO Disney Princess Building Event yet, to which I mentioned I wasn’t sure. It’s been busy around here, so I couldn’t quite remember if I had.

While they looked for my sign up, I noticed they had a photo of the build on the sign up sheet. A quick check to make sure it was okay with the store manager and I grabbed a less than stellar snapshot of it on my phone…

LEGO Disney Princess Build Event Beauty and The Beast Castle


I don’t quite remember the Beauty and the Beast castle,  so I had to go search for it online. Here it is in a picture from the Be Our Guest restaurant at the Magic Kingdom, in case you don’t remember it either:

Beauty and the Beast Castle from the Magic Kingdom
(Source: WDW Magic)


While it may seem the build colors are different from the original castle, what is at the Magic Kingdom does not use the original colors. You can use the photo above to get a better sense of the architecture of the castle, while this movie still below showcases the actual castle colors:

Beauty and the Beast castle movie still
(Source: Animated Film Reviews)

And as I write this, I can actually see some blue/purple on the upper spirals of the castle. Maybe the castle seems pink because of the time of day the sun is reflecting off if it? Either way, LEGO and Disney chose to go with pink as the main castle color, so we’ll go with my original theory. ;)


How to sign up for the LEGO Disney Princess Building Event

If you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time. All you need to do is call your local store and all to be put on the list.  The event is totally free and the kids get to take the build home. Also, just because this is LEGO Disney and the build is a fairly girly castle in color doesn’t mean it’s only open for girls. Boys can sign up, too, of course.

Since these events have about 40 or so slots,  I recommend you make every effort to show up on time. It’s hard for one person to manage to move 40 kids through a build event in one hour and they will need all of that time.

Are you more excited about the event now that you’ve seen the build our does it make you want to pass?

10 thoughts on “LEGO Disney Princess Build Sneak Peek

  1. Do you know of where I can find instructions for this build? I missed out on it and would LOVE to have my kiddos build it!

    1. Hey Nicole!

      I happen to have a copy of the instructions from the build. The blog post with the download link will be up on Wednesday. If you need them sooner than that let me know and I can email them to you directly.

          1. SO not trying to be a pain, but I’m not seeing the instructions. Am I missing them somewhere? Thank ya kindly!!

          2. You’re not! I got slammed at work today, so I never got to make my blog post. I’ll see if I can email you the PDF this evening. The regular post will be up tomorrow.

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