LEGO Disney Castle Release Date Rumor…Woot! Woot!

It has been a crazy few days. If I told you what has happened here on the blog, you just wouldn’t believe me it’s so insane. However, out of everything that has happened this weekend, I did get a LEGO The Disney Castle release date rumor!

Excitement over the LEGO Disney Castle release date

As you know, when I originally posted about the LEGO Disney Castle, I mentioned my hope that LEGO would release the set a little earlier than scheduled so I could have one for my birthday. I posted a quick snapshot of my blog post above.

While that is not obviously for my birthday, since today is that special day (yay me!), I do have good news regardless. As it turns out, LEGO does an excellent job of releasing special sets early than normal for VIP members and…

I have it from a good source (a LEGO employee) LEGO’s The Disney Castle set will be the special early release set for the month of August! My initial prediction was right, so make sure to mark your calendar for August 17th.

I’m sure someone must have broken this news first earlier, since they usually don’t know about the new things coming up until after it’s been shared across the blogosphere. However, this time they beat me to the news.

Either way, I’m happy about it and super excited. I am already working on clearing off an area in my house where we can display the set. Otherwise, it may just sit in the box until we finally moved to a new house…which seems like years away these days…


August 1-31 LEGO Disney Princess Olafs Summer promo polybag

One thing to note, while this is the LEGO Disney Castle, it is not a LEGO Disney Princess theme set. This means, when you go in to purchase the castle, don’t expect to get the Olaf’s Summertime Fun promo polybag. You must make a LEGO Disney Princess purchase, in addition to the LEGO Disney Castle to get the polybag. (No whining about already dropping some bills in the store and not getting the polybag. You’ve been warned!) And… if you really must have the polybag, you can always pick up the LEGO Disney Princess Treasure’s Day at the Pool (41069) for only $5.99. One small purchase is all you need…

So who’s excited with me about the LEGO Disney Castle release date rumor? I’ll be at the store on the 15th. Will you?

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