LEGO Cinderella Glass Slipper Video

Have you seen the LEGO Cinderella Glass Slipper video on Facebook yet? With over 10 million likes, I doubt you’ve missed it! Just in case, though, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

LEGO created the video as a tribute to the release of the much anticipated Disney’s Cinderella movie coming out next month. However, there’s actually another MOC predating this video created by LEGO enthusiast Alanboar:


The LEGO build looks similar to the MOC with the exception of the heel portion and the overall daintiness of the design. For that last reason, I do think I prefer the sleekness of the LEGO design over the MOC.

If you’re looking to make your own, it looks like you could probably do it easily with 1×2 plates and bricks. (That’s how Alanboar mentioned he made his in his Flickr description.) Makes me want to break out our stash to see if I can make one for myself… which I suspect would be quickly “acquired” by The Little Brick.

Doesn’t every girl need a glass slipper?

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