Frozen comes to LEGO Disney!

The Little Brick loves Frozen… like many a little brick everywhere. So you can imagine how excited I was to read that LEGO was planning on coming out with a Frozen Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Palace set!


I only wish, like many I’m sure, that this set was coming out for Christmas 2014. Sadly, the set is scheduled to release January 2015. I feel LEGO missed the boat on this, failing to capitalize on the feverish trend of Frozen by bringing a fresh new toy for this years Christmas buying frenzy.


The other thing I find annoying about this set is it’s size. It’s extremely underwhelming and am bummed it looks like many of the pieces are on the larger side. Makes me feel like LEGO thinks girls interested in Disney princesses can’t build or won’t want to build more complicated sets. I wonder if they even considered that when they were creating the plans for this set.

Will it stop me from buying the set? Probably not. I know The Little Brick will love it regardless. For her, building is half the fun. The rest comes from playing make-believe.

How about you… do you plan on buying the LEGO Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Palace?

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