Exclusive LEGO Disney Princess Build Event – August 13th

Have you seen the August 2016 LEGO Store Calendar yet? LEGO Disney Princess fans are in for a treat! LEGO is hosting a LEGO Disney Princess build event August 13th!


Details on the LEGO Disney Princess Building Event

On the back of the August 2016 LEGO calendar, there is this blurb about the event:

LEGO Disney Princess Building Event August 13 2016

If you can’t read it, here is the description:

Visit the LEGO® Store for a unique opportunity to meet and build with other LEGO Disney Princess fans! Take part in an exclusive LEGO build and you’ll get to bring your creation home. You’ll also get a special Disney Rapunzel set! This event has limited space so sign up early. See a Brick Specialist to register starting July 1st.

The little brick loves princesses, so you know I’ll make a calendar reminder to sign up in Friday!


Are you planning on attending the LEGO Disney Princess Building Event?

Update 07/24/2016

Want to see a sneak peek of the event build? Check out my follow up post here:

LEGO Disney Princess Build Sneak Peek

2 thoughts on “Exclusive LEGO Disney Princess Build Event – August 13th

    1. My pleasure! Did you sign up today? They encouraged me to dress up, so we’ll be traveling as princesses. :D

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