How to Build a LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere

A few Saturdays ago, Toys “R” Us had a LEGO Disney Princess build event. I normally don’t go to events there, but being that it was LEGO Disney Princess, I made sure to take the girl. So if you’re wondering how to build a LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere, read on for more.


ToysRUs LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere Build

The event started off without much fan fare. We got there 20 minutes in advanced so we could make a quick run to the bathroom. As you can see, there wasn’t much of a line, so we didn’t have to wait very long.


ToysRUs LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere Build

Once we got up there, we saw the event was laid out similarly to the LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Castle Build from last month.


ToysRUs LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere Build

Each of the parts were in their own cubby and we were instructed to pick so many of each part to complete the build.


ToysRUs LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere Build

Once we had everything, we went to a table and got to building.


ToysRUs LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere Build

There is a sticker for Lumiere’s face, so the girl wanted to put that on right away.


Say hello to #toysrus #lumiere #lego #disneyprincess build! #beautyandthebeast

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My thoughts on the LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere Build

If this is your first time seeing this build, I’m sure you’ll agree with me it’s awfully cute.

However, you can also see the build is sadly underwhelming in regards to the difficulty and the number of parts needed to build Lumiere. It’s a total of 23 pieces.

I believe, after gathering all the pieces for the build, it literally took The Little Brick 5 minutes to assemble.


Other than that,  I don’t have any other complaints. And of course, she loves it.


Details of the LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere Build

You can download the instructions for the LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere build here. The only thing you won’t be able to brick is the sticker for the face. That you will have to make on your own. Fortunately, I have a sticker image for you to download and print on your own:

LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere Face Sticker


Did you go to the Lego Disney princess let me build event? Let me know what you thought of it.



3 thoughts on “How to Build a LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere

  1. We missed this event the first time around. We went to the Cogsworth event the weekend before, but unforeseen circumstances kept us from making Lumiere and completing the set. Much to my excitement, to celebrate the latest theatrical release, they redid the Lumiere event today! We were second in line and sped right through. We were a little disappointed though, our Toys R Us misplaced the face decals. I was super happy to have found your post, now we can print out faces on labels!

    1. That is awesome! Not that your store didn’t have the face decals, but that you were able to find this post and can now download the face for printing. :)

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