It was a LEGO birthday

My 41st birthday. The first year I finally had to check the second to last age box. The year I can officially stop denying I’m getting old.

Except I don’t want to get old. (Who does, really?)

So, I’m always happy when my husband gets me presents that make me feel young… like LEGO.

As it turns out, my birthday was the release date of the LEGO MINI Cooper, so after my birthday movie (Guardians of the Galaxy – Woot! Woot!), we made a quick stop at our local LEGO store to pick up my birthday presents!


We also picked up the LEGO Research Institute on Shop@Home and got a free mini cooper with the purchase. I’m excited because of my presents, but more excited our girl has her own mini build to do… and will leave me alone to build my larger mini cooper build. Ok, so call me selfish.

Have you built the mini cooper yet? How did you like it?

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