Hold on Green Grocer… we’re moving on to the Fire Brigade

Remember our nemesis, the Green Grocer? Well, we’ve come across way too many missing bricks in our stash to try and build it. We can’t even get half of the first level built, because the pieces we are missing are random here and there. Enough of a structural absence that it stops us from continuing the build.


Therefore, we decided it was time to refocus and move on to building the LEGO Creator Fire Brigade. Because it is retired, this one is expensive, too. As you can see, the LEGO Creator Fire Brigade on Amazon sells for around $340 starting price. You can also find the LEGO Creator Fire Brigade on eBay starting at around $200… but rest assured it will be near the $300’s by the end of the auction. Again, too rich for our blood.

So we’ve opted to do a considerable amount of substitution, in hopes to simply get it built. We figure, like we did for the Green Grocer, we would simply go back and replace those parts when we came across them in the loose stashes we buy.

I’m hoping we’ll come across a lot of good things soon.

Tiles and plates seem to be the big issue for most of our builds. Is that the same for you? How do you get your hands on large amounts of tiles and plates?

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