Boo! LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop Rehashed…

By now you’ve probably read the news that LEGO decided to re-release the LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop from 2009 as this year’s “new” LEGO Winter Village set. While I don’t own the original set, I’d say I’m none too happy… which seems to be the general consensus.

LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop Rehashed

If you haven’t browsed other blog posts on this subject, here are a few where you can get a feel for the upset in the LEGO community:

According to the LEGO news release, this new LEGO Creator Winter Village Toy Shop set comes with minor color updates and changes from the original. While that’s all nice and great, I’m bummed there won’t be a brand new building idea to add to our LEGO Winter Village. See…we were already piecing together the original LEGO Winter Village Toy Shoppe from 2009 and it is almost already complete.

So now what do we do? Do we stop collecting and just wait for the new updates set? Do we push forward with the existing collection? And do we bother buying the new set, just to sit in a box since we won’t want to have two almost identical toy shops in our town?

I know, I know. I sound entitled. It’s just that this was one Christmas tradition we were truly enjoying. The lazy re-release is disappointing. We will probably end up purchasing the LEGO Creator Changing Seasons set to add to our winter village. Or, maybe we just buy this new LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop, merge it with what we have for the original LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop circa 2009 and make one large toy shop for our winter village. We also have an idea for another MOC for our winter village, so we may just end up refocusing our efforts in that direction.

Suffice to say, we’re hoping next year’s set won’t be another rehash of a previous release.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the re-release of the Lego Winter Village Toy Shop?

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