3 LEGO Creator Sets Under $5!

I’m always looking for a good deal on LEGO sets, although I rarely buy something unless it’s at the local LEGO store. However, I was doing a little bit of birthday shopping for Mr. The Family Brick and found the following three sets on sale for $4.95 at Amazon:

LEGO Creator Red Thunder



LEGO Creator Power Digger



LEGO Creator Emerald Express



I do love these little sets and find myself coming back to them often when we visit a store. My favorite of them all is the Emerald Express. I always imagine buying 3 of them, so I can make each of the builds, hook them up and then have it running around my daughter’s LEGO Friends table. My husband tends to veto it though… and I usually find something else I’d rather purchase.

If you’re looking for simple last minute presents for Christmas or for a “big” item for your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, you can’t go wrong with these multiple build LEGO Creator sets.

Do you buy small LEGO sets for last minute gifts?

Update 8/29/2014 – We visited the LEGO store this weekend and saw the sets were down in price at the store to $4.99, too! So if you’re not a fan of Amazon, you can also get the sets directly from LEGO and get points for your purchase! Here they are on the LEGO store:

LEGO Creator Red Thunder at The LEGO Store
LEGO Creator Power Digger at The LEGO Store
LEGO Creator Emerald Express at The LEGO Store

9 thoughts on “3 LEGO Creator Sets Under $5!

        1. Well that’s freaking adorable! It looks like it should be the City version of a Speedorz.

          I don’t think I’ve ever seen that website, so I’m glad you told me to go look! Now I’m going to spend the next half hour watching more videos. lol Thanks!

  1. Creator is by far my favourite current theme and I’ve spent ages watching those videos – which range from ads to adventures to building techniques…and I love Mr. Snail!

          1. Yes! But I only have 1 dark grey and 4 black plates with the hole in that the rest goes on top of, so not much variation there; more with the other pieces.

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