Mrs. Family Brick’s Complete the Room Challenge Entry

Last week, I showed you the entry Mr. Family Brick built for the Complete the Room Challenge at Modulars by Kristel. Today, I want to share the other entry made for the challenge… the baby room!



The first build I created was the crib using fence pieces and propped them up on faucets. Hard to see, but it gives the crib legs a sense of style that can’t be created using cones or plate rounds. A mobile was added for good measure.




The next thing I created was the changing table. I had seen the idea for a changing table using cheese slopes on Flickr, so I can’t take credit for the design.

Of course dirty diapers are a staple of baby rooms so I added a diaper pail and a fresh one ready to go on the changing table.

As for the wall art, once I arranged the room, I couldn’t fit the changing table in that corner and hang the art. So I moved the brick with stub closer to the crib which allowed both the wall art and table to play nicely together.



I spent some time finding a rocking chair build I could imitate, but ended up using this design by Deborah Higdon as the starting point for the chair. I think it turned out rather nicely, but I’m not biased or anything…



On the other wall, I added a shelf to display a toy airplane. Underneath the shelf, there is a toy chest with a toy space shuttle and toy ufo.



Finally, in the center of the room is a kitty sitting on a striped rug wondering if he can play with the mobile. The kitty was a last minute addition that seemed to just fit.

After watching Mr. Family Brick take apart the build to add the hardwoods, I found myself doing the same. I went back in, stripped his floors and added white tiles to simulate a white carpet. (Only first time parents would ever consider a white carpet…) I would have used different colored tile, but I wanted a light, airy feel. Anything else would just have added to the cramped quarters accentuated by the brown brick walls.



It seems the only thing I was missing was a LEGO baby… (If you really want one, you can get a mild-tempered, non-crying baby minifigure printed by

Have you ever built furniture for a modular? Leave me a link with photos!

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