HARDuary Building Challenge

So I can’t believe I completely missed this, but last week I ran into a lego building challenge for the month of January called “The HARDnuary Pool“. I found it while I was lost in a LEGO-fueled picture viewing session as I admired the multitude of amazing MOCs on Flickr. It’s so easy to get lost in so much creativity.

HARDnuary 2015 - Building Challenge

This Flickr group run by KOS Bricks was (speaking past tense, because after all it is the 28th of January…the month is over in 3 days) about building something ordinary and everyday each day of the month. I love challenges like this. There is a charm in the simple.

Here are some of my favorite builds from the group:

Washing Machine (Minifigure Size)

Old Cracked Chair


Disposable Razor

Pencil Sharpener

Chalkboard Eraser

HARDnuary - KitchenAid Mixers

Service Bell

Kitchen Knife

I’d love to say I would have joined the group if I found it sooner… but who am I kidding? Some days I can barely get dinner up and going much less work on a building project.

How about you? Would you have joined the group to build? Which are your favorite builds?


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