BrickSet Alternative LEGO Advent Calendar Building Competition

You’ve clearly noticed it’s been a little slow around here in regards to content. My mom and grandmother were visiting for the past 3 weeks, so I took some time off to spend with them…. After all, we are “The Family Brick”, and around here the order of importance is God, Family, and LEGO. In the meantime, while I work to get back up to regular blogging speed, I wanted to share an Alternative LEGO Advent Calendar Building Competition I ran across on BrickSet.

Most of you may be following our LEGO Advent Calendar posts (LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, LEGO Friends Advent Calendar and LEGO City Advent Calendar), even with the trouble I’ve been having with Instagram and not being able to upload photos as was my original intention. And if you’ve purchased a LEGO advent calendar in the past few years, you’ll recognize a pattern of builds. A lot of the builds are very much the same, just only reworked here and there.

For example you can always expect at least one equipment rack in a Lego Star Wars advent calendar, in the LEGO Friends advent calendar, there will always be a package of minifigure accessories and in the LEGO City advent calendar you can expect to find presents. If you buy an advent calendar each year, it can get a little bit boring.

So, it’s exciting to see BrickSet running this advent calendar competition.


How to Enter the BrickSet Alternative LEGO Advent Calendar Building Competition


Just a quick overview of the rules:

  • You will need 6 models.
  • 2 of them may be minifigures.
  • Each model can have a maximum of 20 parts.
  • Family-friendly.
  • No non-LEGO parts.
  • No LDD (digital rendering).

Now, here’s the kicker… all entries must be submitted by 23:59 GMT on December 24th.

If you’re interested in the competition, you can get all the rules here:

And if you want to check out the existing entries, you can do so here:

With only 10 days left and things starting to calm down around here, I think I will probably try my hand at an entry.  It will only be the second competition I’ve entered, but should be tons of fun.

I already have a few ideas brewing…

If you were making an entry into the Brickset alternative LEGO Advent Calendar building competition, what would it be?


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