New Disney Princess LEGO Sets In Stores November 1st!

UPDATE 11/20/2015 12:24 AM EST: News coming out from BrickSet mentions LEGO is showing the sets getting released on December 1st. Yay! UPDATE 11/01/2015 11:00 AM EST: As of this morning, I’m not seeing the new sets on Shop@Home. (Sorry guys!) But the moment they come out, I will make sure to announce it here! In

The LEGO Disney Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle That Could Have Been

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the LEGO world, you probably know about the general disappointment when it comes to the LEGO Disney Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle. Criticized from its color to its size, the set has fallen very short of most LEGO enthusiasts expectations. So it wasn’t a surprise to see a LEGO fan submit an idea for a