This time I’m ahead of the curve with announcing a new LEGO contest! Have you been wanting to make the world a better place, solve a problem, or invent something new using LEGO bricks? Now is your chance to shine in the LEGO Rebrick MAKE SOMETHING! contest! What is the LEGO Rebrick MAKE SOMETHING! Contest Announced

LEGO BeALEGOCreator Building Competition

Are you a LEGO creator? Are you looking to challenge yourself this Memorial Day weekend? If so, you can do that and flaunt your chops with the latest LEGO BeALEGOCreator building competition on Facebook.   What is the LEGO #BeALEGOCreator Building Competition   If you’ve never seen one of the LEGO BeALEGOCreator competitions, you’re in for

LEGO Club TECHNIC Building Competition

I completely missed letting you guys know about this, but since there are still a few more opportunities to enter, I’m going to share. If you haven’t seen it there is a LEGO Club TECHNIC building competition going on right now! If your kid likes LEGO, the LEGO Building Instructions app, and LEGO TECHNIC, this is

BrickSet Alternative LEGO Advent Calendar Building Competition

You’ve clearly noticed it’s been a little slow around here in regards to content. My mom and grandmother were visiting for the past 3 weeks, so I took some time off to spend with them…. After all, we are “The Family Brick”, and around here the order of importance is God, Family, and LEGO. In the