We’re On Facebook!

It’s official! We are now on Facebook. I’ve fought the idea for a good year. People kept telling me, “Hey! You guys should be on Facebook!” But I kept thinking, “Why?”

Why indeed.

Hopefully, you’ll hit the Like button below because of any of the following reasons:

You like us. Well, that’s a given since you’re reading this post.

You want to keep up with another family’s LEGO musings. Admittedly, we haven’t been doing much musing lately, but we are – at least – “amusing” I hope… (See what I did there? Yes. I do think I’m funny thank you very much.)

You want to say thank you for all the value we’ve brought into your life. We also accept LEGO gifts, but suspect this is easier.

You want to keep tabs on how our plans for world domination are coming along. That last one may just be the laughing gas talking… I’m at the dentist as I write this post. Oral hygiene is important!

For whatever reason you choose to hit the like button, let me tell you… we are grateful! And humbled you would invite us into your feed. (Sorry got mushy… I blame the gas again…)

So click the like button below:

And thank you!

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